Welcome to "Diamond A Livestock" where we offer roping, ranch, trail and performance horses! We specialize in head, heel, break-away, and calf horses. We have had a lot of success taking started to finished ranch horses to the arena and making them great rope horses. We believe you have to start with good foundation bred horses, that have a good mind, conformation, natural ability and the willingness to learn. Our horses are always started outside working cattle; doctoring, sorting, calving, and branding. From there we take them to the arena, first using them on the hot heels and then live cattle.

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We purchased Major Blue Berry from you at the Lufkin sale in March 2017. Major was bought for a ranch horse, but also as a head horse. We have since worked cows and he was so well mannered as we crossed all of the different terrains. This weekend, he was taken to his 2nd team roping and was wonderful! Many people commented on his big beautiful build and his handle. It was a long day, but after roping 30 different head (in multiple ropings combined), he won some money and a 3rd place buckle. We can't thank you enough for selling such true, wonderful stock. Major has been the perfect addition to our family,  we absolutely love him!

Thank you again,

The Tulloch Family