Welcome to "Diamond A Livestock" where we offer roping, ranch, trail and performance horses! We specialize in head, heel, break-away, and calf horses. We have had a lot of success taking started to finished ranch horses to the arena and making them great rope horses. We believe you have to start with good foundation bred horses, that have a good mind, conformation, natural ability and the willingness to learn. Our horses are always started outside working cattle; doctoring, sorting, calving, and branding. From there we take them to the arena, first using them on the hot heels and then live cattle.

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Thank you Clayton for purchasing Lynx Gambler at the

Havard Horse Sale in Lufkin, TX on Nov. 28th. 

Day 3 - walked about 100 yards from pens.  Saw sheep on my side of the fence (fair game). Trotted maybe 300 yards. Full speed maybe 300 more and hung it on him. Drug him back where he belonged.

Not much warm up needed - I like that!

No problems. 

So far he's been real good.